Advertising and Marketing; 30-Ideas for Effective Small Business Growth Campaigns

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Advertising and marketing are areas where there is always confusion. The reason for the confusion is there is so much information available and much of it is conflicting.

It makes any small business owner wonder, “Who should I listen to and what should I do to promote my small business?”

Today we’ll look at how the “kings of industry” use adverting and marketing to wine, dine, and otherwise entice prospects.

Most successful small business professionals use a series of information-based promotions that build emotion and include a call to action.

This type of marketing is more effective than standard company branding.

The same principles that go into putting together a high impact (and, often, high priced) advertising and marketing campaign can be adapted to fit your promotional needs with similar results.

Here are 30-ideas on how to put together and execute a professional, effective advertising and marketing campaign:

  1. Put together a short report that’ll you’ll automatically send to prospects when they contact you. Your report should include a brief description of your business and your specialty. Don’t forget to include case studies, samples, or other proof of your success.
  2. Develop value-oriented yellow page ads.
  3. Consider weekly or monthly newsletters as a way of educating and informing customers about your industry and services offered.
  4. Offer a free seminar, webinar, or lecture to build awareness of your business. It’s important to ensure that sure you make the information pertinent to your target market and find speakers who are respected and known in the industry.
  5. Buy an existing business, introduce better marketing, and grow this new business faster than a “from scratch: business.
  6. Always test different versions of your ads and marketing materials to find the most effective ones.
  7. Use direct mail marketing to grow your business.
  8. Put together a database of previous customers and send them new information.
  9. Offer incentives such as frequent purchasing benefits, loyalty programs, or referral programs, for example.
  10. Approach large firms who may need your services. Then negotiate a deal to become their exclusive expert in your field.
  11. Offer a 24-hour information line with a regularly updated recorded message. Make this available to all past and future clients.
  12. Donate time or materials to local charities to show support in your area.
  13. Offer free “clinic” for the general public and discuss the questions that are likely on their mind related to your business.
  14. Organize seminars that your clients can pay to attend by putting together a high-perception value package.
  15. Approach local newspapers and offer to write a weekly column about your area of expertise. Don’t ask for money, just a byline and bio.
  16. Develop a weekend or destination seminar for clients. Not only does this give you an action-packed weekend with your valuable clients, but it also gives them a tax-deductible business adventure that they won’t soon forget.
  17. Take a seminar and turn it into written form as a home study course, membership site program, audio, or video training program.
  18. Approach large companies and offer to give seminars to their employees, investors, or management team.
  19. Be proactive with your marketing.
  20. Barter for your advertising. Offer products or services instead of payment.
  21. Be willing to bring in new clients at an initial loss. It will likely pay off later through the client’s lifetime value to your business.
  22. Regulate your marketing budget to maximize the potential income to hit the next year and try to push back advertising costs for the next year to offset your expenses.
  23. Make offers to target market or target market businesses to pay them for referrals or shared databases.
  24. Offer loaner products to replace equipment that’s been repaired or refurbished.
  25. Give away something free to everyone who brings in a print version of your advertisement. Free offers within ads are a great way to see which advertisements are giving you the most bang for your advertising buck.
  26. Continually consider what new products or services you can offer to current clients.
  27. Develop an online order division of your company.
  28. Offer a proposition to your competitors to trade prospects that you were both unsuccessful in securing as clients.
  29. Use different marketing tactics as an excuse to attract your clients with new offers and goodies.
  30. Offer a “you-choose-the-price” program. You-choose-the-price is especially suitable for products you can’t seem to sell.

So, there are 30 great ways to market to other professionals and businesses.

Some other great ways to get your name out there for little or no cost are:

  • Get involved in your community. Volunteer your time, donate to local events, and become a contributor to the community.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend networking events and other activities throughout the year.
  • Join local, state or regional professional associates for further your networking opportunities.
  • Become a board member of a local organization.

Advertising should never be your only method of marketing; there is a myriad of ways to get your name out there in a way that feels personal to your potential clients.

“My definition of marketing is simple—it’s all about educating the marketplace that your business can solve problems, fill voids, or achieve opportunities and goals the way no other business can.” 

~ Jay Abraham

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